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3PL vs 4PL Logistics: What's the Difference?

When you’re researching your logistics options, two terms you may come across include 3PL and 4PL. What’s the difference and why does it matter?

How Your Retail Store is Helping the Economy & How 3PL Can Help Your Store

Owning a retail store is something to be proud of, not least because of the many ways in which your store is helping the economy.

The Importance of Streamlined Processes for Medical Facilities

Streamlined processes are essential for medical facilities in terms of prioritizing patient care, and factors associated with following essential, strict time frames and budget.

Solving the Last Mile Problem

The world economy is growing each year and the amount of products that are shipped half way around the world before reaching their final destination is increasing at a staggering rate.  

Are FF&E Logistics Services Right For My Business?

A substantial part of the expense of any facility’s construction project or renovation goes into the acquisition and transportation of FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment).    

What To Look for in Reliable Asset Recovery Services

When it comes to properly disposing of or reselling old equipment, otherwise known as asset recovery, you might not think of using a logistics company to help you complete that process.

Inside Delivery and Special Handling: Do You Know the Difference?

If you ship any specialty freight, chances are you have come across the terms “inside delivery” and “special handling”.

How "Prepay and Add" Services are Costing Your Company Thousands

When you order a new piece of equipment or large fixtures, take a good look at the invoice from the manufacturer.

When Logistics Go Wrong

If your company is a major retailer or service provider trying to manage equipment installation or furniture delivery, do you know what it takes to make sure your freight is delivered and installed in a cost-efficient and reliable manner?

Are Your Retail Fixtures Making You Lose Sleep?

Author: Augie Kim, Beltmann Integrated Logistics Project Specialist. Ever Lost Sleep Over a Store Move? Managing a retail store can be a lot of work. One of the toughest parts of the job is trying to get all of your merchandise to a new location. As your store grows, you know it’s important to expand and reach more people by opening new store fronts. However, since logistics is not something you...

Trucking Logistics Services & Definitions

Any successful business selling products that need to be delivered in a timely manner understands the importance of trucking logistics. Trucking logistics is important not only for large businesses, but for small and medium sized businesses as well.

5 Great Qualities to Look For When Choosing a Logistics Coordinator for Your Project

Are you looking for a 3PL with skilled logistics coordinators to lead your project? Do you feel you have what it takes to be a great logistics coordinator? Here are a few qualities that a great one will have.

How Do I Plan My Retail Move?

In retail, moving locations can be crucial to expanding your business or simply getting in to a new market. In any move, it is important to minimize stress as much as possible. The best way to start is to tackle and plan for the challenges you know will be ahead. We’ve put together some tips that will serve you best in planning for moving your retail business. Taking Stock of Inventory – What Do...

What is Third Party Logistics?

Third-party logistics, sometimes called TPL or 3PL, is when companies outsource logistics and supply-chain management for all or part of their distribution and fulfillment services.

Announcing Beltmann Integrated Logistics Vendor of the Year Program

If you’re familiar with Beltmann Integrated Logistics (BIL), you probably know how committed we are to providing best in class service. While the drive for service quality begins with the employees of BIL, our performance is also dependent upon our ability to partner with vendors who share in our passion for excellence.  We believe our vendor partners are the engine that propels us to success.

What is FF&E?

  When you see the initials FF&E or FFE, it stands for furniture, fixtures and equipment. This acronym is used to describe items that aren’t a permanent connection within the structure of a building or its utilities. Also, they are not typically part of the contract between the owner and the building contractor. This is usually a business administration aspect of the contract that accountants use...

Want A Career in Logistics? Tips to Know When You Apply

Typically, a job in logistics means working with supply chain management in order to find solutions to organizational issues. A logistics team is the backbone of a business and is crucial to keep business goals on track. Having skills in the areas of customer service, understanding transportation management, and creative problem solving. Logistics teams are always working with each client to come...

Hospital Relocation Checklist - Your Hospital Relocation Plan

In the healthcare industry, good hospital administrators and leaders are knowledgeable, responsible, and efficient in managing the day to day operations of their respective departments. Those same leaders are counted on when it comes to ensuring a smooth transition during a hospital relocation. Obviously, these are two very different skill sets, but with some smart organization and planning, any...

Business Move Checklist

An office or business move can be a complex process that requires a lot of organization and pre-planning to ensure success.

Logistics Companies & Services They Provide

Third Party Logistics 93% of shippers and 97% of 3PLs agreed that improved, data-driven decision making is essential to the future success of a company’s activities and process, according to the 2016 20th Annual 3rd Party Logistics Study.