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What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is a process that makes it easier for a company to coordinate the shipment of goods to their customers. It’s when a third party, typically a forwarding company, sets up the shipment of goods from one destination to another one. These freight forwarding service companies organize the entire process and they use a variety of transportation modes, including: Air Transport Ocean...

Supply Chain Predictions for 2022

The year 2021 brought us a lot of challenges in the logistics industry. From port issues to labor shortages to an increase in cyberattacks, the entire industry spent the year struggling through disruptions in the supply chain. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. With challenges, come opportunities!

Why Businesses Should Use a Connected Supply Chain

Your supply chain can either make or break your business. It is the element that connects all other segments of your company, and ultimately brings your products and services to their end customer.

5 Effective Scalability Strategies for Retail Logistics Users

Why is logistics important for the retail industry? How do successful logistics companies navigate the complexities of rising demand? What should retail logistics users look for in their logistics partner?

7 Logistics Safety Solutions for Winter Transportation

With every season, there are new challenges for logistics companies. However, the winter is always one of the most difficult times of the year to handle transportation and the comprehensive logistics needs that facilitate successful travel. From freight to the air and on the rail, logistics safety solutions must be in place during the winter season.

5 Steps Logistics Companies Can Take to Get Ahead This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time to enjoy with family. Many people will open presents purchased from their favorite retailers and others may even take a vacation, staying at a luxury hotel. This year, holiday retail sales are projected to climb by 7% to 9% with that percentage between 11% to 15% for ecommerce sales. The holidays are built around an increase in consumer demands, leading to peak season...

Shipping vs. Logistics: Why You Need Both

The words “shipping” and “logistics” are often used together in conversations about effective transportation. This is because both services are intertwined when it comes to the support of a freight shipment or the logistics behind specialty handling and material management. Beltmann Integrated Logistics (BIL) is a premier provider of targeted, nationwide logistics planning and critical,...

How to Create your Innovative Supply Chain Strategy

Your supply chain is the backbone of your business; it keeps you connected to your customers, enables you to serve them where they are, and ensure they receive what they need accurately and on time. Supply chain innovation is key to keeping up with competitors, company growth and increasing revenue. Today we explore why business owners should invest in supply chain innovation, and outline...

New Project Announcement: Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa

This upscale Southern California hotel is in a prime waterfront location. The Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa is near beaches, Corona del Mar and Fashion Island. The scope of the project included providing receiving, warehousing and installation of furniture, fixtures and equipment. Renovations to guestrooms, suites and public areas were also made. Coming soon!

Healthcare Supply Chain Trends 2022

The events of the last two years have truly impacted the healthcare industry unlike any other. From the global pandemic to vaccine creation, from the rapid transition to telehealth to worker shortages, the pressure to adapt has been relentless. As we move into 2022, we share insight into healthcare supply chain trends and predictions that can help healthcare providers prepare and succeed.

The Future of Sustainable Transportation

Sustainability plays a vital role in our mission statement--not just because green logistics are trendy, but because at Beltmann Integrated Logistics, we aim to do business in ways that serve our customers and the planet. Most people associate electric cars with sustainable transportation, but the importance of sustainable transport goes beyond battery-powered automobiles. The COVID-19 pandemic...

New Project Announcement: Flamingo Hotel Santa Rosa

Nestled in the heart of California’s wine country in Santa Rosa, the renovation of the Flamingo Resort was awarded to the Beltmann Integrated Logistics team. The scope of the project included project management, delivery, assembly and installation of furniture, fixtures, equipment and artwork for 35 of their premium guestrooms and suites. . Coming soon!

Top 3 Global Logistics Trends of 2021

The events we have faced, survived, and learned from over the past 18 months have been unprecedented. Worldwide, the pandemic made its mark. Across the Atlantic, changes to trade between the UK and Europe continue to create new challenges. Shortages are affecting prices of certain raw materials and goods, and in July, a single ship caused global trade to come under threat once again, after...

Driving the Future of Retail | Increased Support for Small Businesses

It’s been a tough year and a half for small retail businesses. In-person retail came to a halt in March 2020, and many small businesses found themselves scrambling to adapt their business models to the new reality of the pandemic. Online shopping, aggregation services, health concerns, supply disruption, and lowered demand for products and services all took their toll on small businesses. In this...

Driving the Future of Retail | Concierge-Level Customer Service

You have the products. You have a digital presence. You have a sleek storefront and consistent branding. Your business is ready to open. But you’re missing one thing: a framework to provide customer service. Concierge-level customer service will make your company stand apart and significantly increase brand loyalty.

Driving the Future of Retail | Scaled-Down Stores & Pop-Ups

You don’t need to read a marketing report to notice that the post-pandemic consumer values convenient buying experiences and needs to connect with brands on a more intimate level before giving them their credit card information. The new wave of innovative scaled-down stores and pops-ups hints at a larger trend in which shoppers favor smaller stores with a curated selection of goods over...

Driving the Future of Retail | Growth of Omni-Channel Strategies

Every business process is relative to another. In today’s world, we purchase products online in seconds and need those items quickly. Modern retail shopping has become reliant on avoiding delays or roadblocks to keep up with modern day demands. Your alignment of internal processes, strategies, and solutions must work cohesively to serve your customer, from the initial engagement of a consumer to...

Driving the Future of Retail | Continued Emphasis on Health and Safety

The idea of retail consumption has been changing for a long time. This includes the way people shop and the manner in which companies sell products. However, the last couple of years have been full of incredibly fast-paced transitions as retailers adapt to new retail practices while trying to serve their customers and earn a profit. COVID-19 and the lasting effects of the pandemic have...

How is Ecommerce Changing Logistics?

Ecommerce has changed how we shop as individuals, how businesses make purchases and who retailers are competing with. The dawn of ecommerce has affected many aspects of our day-to-day lives, from how we work, to how we complete errands, and spend our valuable time. The growth of ecommerce has not only impacted retailers, buyers and consumers, but everyone involved in the logistics industry –...

Post-Pandemic Effects on FF&E

It’s no secret that industries like hospitality and retail have had to adapt to the effects of the pandemic. Trends have changed and the demands of consumers are different than before. There are also new operational challenges to consider, ranging from additional safety measures to the unfortunate economic downturn that has led to minimal staffing. All of these changes have affected the way...