Trade Show Logistics: Qualities to Look for in a 3PL

Trade show booths

Finding the right team to provide trade show logistics can be a challenge. Consider the qualities outlined below to find a tradeshow logistics team that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Choose a 3PL for Trade Show Logistics

The best way to ensure you find a trade show logistics team that can meet all your tradeshow shipping needs is to choose a 3PL. A third party logistics team will be able to offer a vast array of services to complement one another and provide a full solution. A 3PL will typically be able to offer:

  • Tradeshow shipping and freight services
  • Warehousing services
  • Staging services
  • Trade show set up services

In addition, a good 3PL will manage every aspect of your trade show logistics including communication, planning and more.


Choose a Team with Trade Show Logistics Experience

Choose a team with experience specifically in trade show logistics. A good trade show logistics team will have knowledge of exhibit venues and problem solving skills unique to trade show circumstances. A good trade show logistics team will know how to handle your booth and ensure it is packed and moved with care.


Choose a Team that’s Always on Time

3PL’s usually have a good understanding of the need for timely operations, and this is one quality you should prioritize when looking for a trade show logistics team. Find a 3PL to manage your trade show logistics from start to finish, ensuring shipments are sent early. A good trade show logistics company will also be experienced in trade show freight and will have alternative routes and solutions available should your timeline be impacted by hold ups, break downs or adverse weather conditions.


Request a Single Point of Contact

Choose a trade show logistics team that will communicate with you via single point of contact. If you choose to hire a 3PL to manage your trade show logistics, part of this process will involve communications. With a single point of contact you’ll always know who to contact for questions and updates, and the process on your end will remain seamless.


Ready to get started with trade show logistics? Beltmann Integrated Logistics can offer the seamless trade show logistics service you’re looking for. Contact us today to get started or find out more.


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