Outsourced Warehousing and Distribution Do's and Don'ts


Choosing the right warehouse outsourcing option for your business can be a difficult decision. These simple tips will help you make the right decision to meet your goals and successfully outsource your warehousing needs.


Warehouse Outsourcing Do's

Choose a 3PL

Choosing a 3PL provider to take on your warehousing can be the perfect solution, particularly if the 3PL team offers other logistics services you could make use of, such as outsourced distribution. Choose to integrate services with a 3PL that offers a single point of contact for a seamless solution and efficient communication.

Consider the Facilities

Ask questions about the warehousing facilities that are available – how much space do they have available? Is it temperature controlled? What security features are in place? How does the set-up of the location work to provide a streamlined service?

Consider Location

Warehouse location can impact pricing, convenience and more. Average price per square foot per year can range from less than $3 to more than $11, depending on where in the US you’re looking for storage.  If you will be moving the items in storage far and wide, choose a partner with locations across the country. Also consider whether the warehouse you choose is easily accessible from the highway, whether traffic is often congested and whether roads have proper signage; these factors can also impact transportation cost and efficiency should you require these additional services.

Choose Warehouse Outsourcing with Outsourced Distribution

If you are choosing to outsource your warehousing, it makes sense to outsource distribution too, with the same provider. Outsourced warehousing and distribution can improve efficiencies as a single, skilled team can work to complete all related tasks. A 3PL provider will offer outsourced distribution as well as warehousing and many other services.

Outsourced Warehousing and Distribution Don’ts

Don’t Choose Solely Based on Price

Price can affect your bottom line, but so can efficiency and facilities. Let price be one factor in many and make an informed decision when choosing a provider for outsourced warehousing and distribution. 

Don’t Commit Without Shopping Around

Consider your options carefully and get in touch with multiple warehousing providers before making a decision. However, keep it simple – look into a maximum of 3 providers to compare pricing and facilities and avoid getting overwhelmed.


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