3PL vs In-House Logistics

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If you’re in need of reliable logistics services it can be difficult to weight up the benefits and costs of 3PL vs in-house logistics.

Outsourced 3PL (third-party logistics) services are relied upon by countless businesses and can be extremely efficient. One of the many advantages of outsourcing logistics is that 3PL teams can usually provide you with logistics and all related services, including warehousing, shipping, FF&E and more.

Starting with an in-house team can seem like the simpler choice, but is unlikely to be the most beneficial choice long term.

This blog post is here to help you compare 3pl vs in-house logistics and identify the advantages of outsourcing logistics.

Advantages of In-House Logistics

The main advantage to choosing to build an in-house logistics team, is that you and your people know your business best.

There are certain advantages to deeply understanding the details of your particular business and its priorities in a way that only your in-house team can. If you do decide to build an in-house logistics team for this reason, consider promoting a team member to lead it from within, or this advantage may be lost with a new hire.

When you consider 3PL vs in-house logistics, don’t forget to weight up the cost of new staff, or vast additional workload on existing staff. Overhead is a big factor when weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of 3pl vs in house logistics.

Advantages of Outsourcing Logistics

The main advantage of outsourcing logistics is that you can choose a 3PL with vast experience and a full, professional team with a wide range of varied skills available to you. With a 3PL by your side, all aspects of logistics have never been so easy – improved warehousing, FF&E, shipping, transportation, relocation services and more are available whenever you need them.

When it comes to 3PL vs in-house logistics, the stress and difficulties associated with these tasks are no longer on your staff, but are out-sourced to a trusted, experienced team.

This includes the difficulties of carrier relationships, and communication between parties. Simply choose a 3PL that provides you with a single point of contact and you will always know who to call for questions or updates.

Another advantage of outsourcing logistics is that a 3PL team will have access to the latest technology and be able to report on their work, with a goal to improve efficiencies.

A longstanding 3PL will also have countless vendor connections, and likely have better rates from a wide range of carriers. Choosing a 3PL will even reduce costs on special packing materials. In addition, a 3PL team will have a greater understanding of competitive pricing and know how and when to negotiate with individual contacts. In this sense, comparing 3PL vs in house logistics, choosing a 3PL will mean saving costs and eliminating unnecessary expenses.


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3PL vs In-House Logistics