How to Move a Hospital Bed

If you are participating in a hospital relocation, department relocation or setting up in a new hospital facility, one of the many tasks you are likely to be involved in is moving hospital beds. In fact, moving a hospital bed might also be necessary for those with an elderly or sick relative at home, or those working in a nursing home.

Tips for Moving a Hospital Bed

When it comes to moving a hospital bed, safety should come first.

  • Before you begin moving your hospital bed, ensure you have at least one other person available to help with lifting the bed.
  • Remember to lift carefully, bending at your knees, not at your back.
  • Disconnect the hospital bed from the wall socket / power supply before beginning to move the bed, if applicable.
  • Consider folding the hospital bed for easier transportation, around corners etc.
  • Bed transport carts can make moving folded beds easy.

How to Fold a Hospital Bed

It is possible to fold most hospital beds easily and efficiently, which can be beneficial in a relocation depending on how you wish to move them.

  1. Ensure the cables are safely coiled away and secured using the hook and loop provided.
  2. Remove screws at the center of the bed. 
  3. Push the center of the bed upwards until the ends meet.
  4. Put the screws back in and tighten, and secure the beds new position with the latch.

If you have hospital beds that are not currently in use, it can also be helpful to fold them away and store them, to make use of the additional space that will become available.

How to Put a Hospital Bed Together

The seemingly complicated task of setting up a hospital bed can be broken into simple steps for a successful hospital bed move. Here is a brief overview of how to put a hospital bed together.

  1. When putting a hospital bed together, the best place to start is with the spring section. Simply place the two halves of the bed on their sides at a 90 degree angle from each other and latch them together.
  2. Straighten out the connected halves and connect the spring links.
  3. Move the head section pull tube into place and fasten.
  4. Install the head/footboard caster wheels.
  5. Attach the spring base to the head/footboards.
  6. Attach the bed ends.
  7. Attach the Hi/Low drive shaft.
  8. Set up the motor.

Choose a 3PL for Moving Hospital Beds

Beltmann Integrated Logistics is an experienced 3PL that can help with moving hospital beds and other medical equipment as part of a hospital department move, new hospital set up or other health facility relocation. To safely and efficiently fold hospital beds, put hospital beds together and move hospital beds contact Beltmann Integrated Logistics today.


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