Hotel Design for Post COVID-19

Hotel Design for Post COVID-19 | Beltmann Integrated Logistics

There are few industries that have had to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19 as fundamentally as hospitality. Even as our communities begin vaccinations, it will take time for many people to embrace the return to “normal”. Careful hotel design can help mitigate fears and reassure guests that the space they have chosen to stay in is safe and clean. Follow our tips below so guests don’t need to wonder “how safe are hotels during COVID-19?”

Hotel Layout & Fixtures Logistics

New hotels will be designed with social distancing in mind. This means hotel layout will become even more important.

Experienced hotel logistics teams can help design new hotel layouts and rework existing spaces to ensure guests and hotel staff can comfortably practice social distancing. In public spaces, there must be room for individuals to comfortably stay 6 feet apart, and conference rooms and other public spaces should be designed accordingly.

Screens can be used at reception desks, to protect guests and staff as they interact. By investing in beautifully designed screens, this safety precaution doesn’t need to take away from the luxury atmosphere. A well-designed screen can be a part of the décor.


Even before COVID-19, hotels benefited from FF&E services keeping their furniture, fixtures and equipment looking up to date. Now that a fresh, clean environment is even more important, regularly updating FF&E is essential. New FF&E can go a long way towards reassuring guests and giving them a sense of mental and physical comfort. In addition, FF&E services can help you stick to budget and limit waste, while maintaining a sought-after image.

Unify Change

If you manage a chain of hotels, coordinate updates to maintain a sense of unity and cohesion. Work with a 3PL that can offer FF&E and transportation services across the country or internationally, as best meets your needs, to ensure every stage of your FF&E installation process or logistics project goes to plan.

Durable Surfaces 

According to OOCA Design Studio, the “theater of cleanliness” will become key in the hospitality industry. Not only will hotels be kept to high standards of cleanliness, guests will see this process taking place. It is essential that easy-to-clean, durable surfaces are chosen for new hotels, to make keeping all spaces clean efficient and successful.

Work with a Trusted FF&E and 3PL Team

Beltmann Integrated Logistics has a vast amount of experience providing FF&E services, warehousing, transportation, and fixtures logistics services to the hospitality industry. We have worked with the largest hotel in Colorado to provide warehousing and complete complex FF&E installations, with a worldwide hotel management company renovating a flagship property in the United Kingdom, and many more leading, upscale hotels.

Contact Beltmann Integrated Logistics today to ensure your hotel meets the needs of guests, post-COVID-19.


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