Advantages of Supply Chain Visibility

Advantages of Supply Chain Visibility

Visible supply chain management is becoming an increasingly common goal. But why is supply chain visibility so important, and what are the advantages of it? In this blog post, we answer some of the most common questions surrounding the importance of maintaining a visible supply chain.

What is the Supply Chain?

The supply chain refers to every step taken to move a product from the original supplier to the end recipient. As the name suggests, this “chain” is a series of connected actions that must follow expectations in order for the product to continue moving and arrive at its final destination on time.

What is Supply Chain Visibility?

Supply chain visibility is, therefore, the concept of having a complete and openly visible understanding of how each product moves throughout the process, and the ability to record or track this process with an understanding of timing and variables affecting progress. With a visible supply chain, it should be possible to trace where a product is within the chain at any given time.

Advantages of Supply Chain Visibility

There are many advantages to supply chain visibility. Listed below are just a few.

  • Supply chain visibility can help supply chain managers better understand how to make the supply chain more efficient, how to move product more quickly, and how to better meet goals and eliminate obstacles.
  • Improved customer service and communication between all parties is possible with supply chain visibility.
  • Supply chain visibility can help keep everyone involved in the supply chain, from drivers to distribution center workers, accountable for moving product efficiently and keeping on schedule.
  • Supply chain visibility gives supply chain managers the ability to foresee problems and mitigate risk.
  • Supply chain visibility can help identify issues to reduce costs.
  • With good supply chain visibility and the right technology, it is possible to make data-driven improvements.

How to Improve Supply Chain Visibility? 

Supply chain visibility can be improved with the right equipment in place and expertise available.

Make Use of Data and Technology 

Access to technology that is capable of providing you with the data you need is essential to improving supply chain visibility. As mentioned above, to improve supply chain visibility, every part of the chain must be tracked and accounted for. It should always be possible to find out where in the chain your product is. Choose a tracking system with real-time visibility to keep on top of product and changing events that could impact the supply chain, from weather to traffic. 

Choose Experienced Team Players 

Everyone involved in your supply chain is essential to its success. Ensure those you employ are offered relevant training and support. Encourage team members to provide insight into how they believe the supply chain might be improved, from the perspective of their role.

Work with a 3PL

Choosing to work with a 3PL is the best way to vastly improve your supply chain and increase supply chain visibility. A trusted 3PL will have the experience, technology, team and resources necessary to improve your supply chain by optimizing efficiencies and minimizing risk.

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