Mastering Logistics: A Guide to Safely Transporting Pinball Machines and Arcade Games

Moving arcade games, pinball machines, slot machines, and other coin-operated entertainment may seem like fun, and games, but it demands expert logistical planning and execution. These unique assets, ranging from slot machines to arcade games and vintage pinball machines, require careful packaging and handling along with an understanding of the needs involved in their physical transportation.

These machines can have sensitive electronic equipment and be vulnerable to shocks and vibrations. The stakes can be high as the costs of these machines can be significant. Choosing an experienced logistics provider like Beltmann Integrated Logistics, who understands the intricacies of moving these valuable items, will make your move a trouble-free one.

Mastering Logistics for Pinball Machines and Arcade Games

Beltmann Integrated Logistics has been transporting high-value arcade games and slot machines since 1965. Every move has its nuances. Many have fragile glass or bulky cabinet frames, and each machine may require a tailored approach to ensure its “ready-to-play” arrival. Beltmann recognizes these and other issues and stand ready with coordinated pickup, transportation and delivery for your arcade machine move. We handle all details, but offer a few tips for owners to make the move as efficient as possible.

5 Tips for Owners of Arcade-Style Games

  1. Prepare the moving space: Make sure movers have direct and easy access to your machines.
  2. Communicate clearly: Tell your movers as soon as possible if you have any new concerns.
  3. Keep your records organized: Keep your documentation handy, including photos and reports.
  4. Mention specific needs: Moving teams will need to know special instructions or needs.
  5. Think climate control: Consider climate-controlled transportation for highly-sensitive equipment.

Best Gaming Machine Movers: Your Trusted Partners

Beltmann Integrated Logistics stands out as a source of reliability and expertise as a gaming machine mover. Our specialization in the safe transportation of gaming and coin-op machines sets us apart; not all companies offer this service. Don't look at us as just movers; we're enthusiasts who understand your machines inside and out. We know how fragile their components can be and have mastered the art of mitigating risk during transportation.

We get it—dealing with logistics is not the most thrilling part of owning these machines. Of course, the real excitement comes when you plug them in and see them light up, ready to entertain. We're here to handle the logistics so you can focus on the fun.

Let Beltmann Integrated Logistics be your partner in making sure your gaming machines are moved safely and efficiently, allowing you to plug in, power up, and play. As the best pinball machine movers in Chicago, contact us to discuss moving arcade games, or other coin-op machines today.


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